Illinois Orthopedic Network (ION), is a Network comprised of multi-specialization in the fields of orthopedics, spine and neurological care, physical medicine, rehabilitative services and surgical interventions.  Whether the injury is work-related, a personal injury or a sport or motor vehicle accident, we are well experienced to treat that condition successfully.

Our Comprehensive Care Protocol Process begins as soon as you contact our office.

Female patient receiving orthopedic medical attention and assessment

The field of orthopedics concerns itself with the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of conditions that affect tendons and ligaments, muscles, joints and bones.  All of these structures are affected.

Our Orthopedic Specialists together to provide patients with the most current treatments to help them regain mobility. Services provided include shoulder and knee arthroscopies,  foot and ankle surgery, hand and upper extremity surgery, trauma medical care, fracture repair, joint replacement surgery and sports medicine.

Woman stretched out on chairs in doctor's office

We trust this is not the way you want to spend your time at a medical office.

‘Quick Care’ is our phrase in describing the medical treatment and evaluations we provide.  We understand that being injured and/or in pain are conditions that need immediate attention.  Our centralized scheduling system ensures you will be scheduled and seen by one of our Physicians as soon as possible.

Your ‘Quick Care’ treatment begins as soon as you contact us.

ION Therapy Center

We are able to provide rehabilitative and therapy services at our onsite ION Therapy Center.

Our Directors of Physical Therapy and Hand Therapy are well experienced in developing treatment plans geared specifically for each patient so that the therapies administered can help support as much as possible the healing process and get you back to functioning at the same or higher level of conditioning and health.

A Group of Health Workers

The treatment of occupational injuries demands for the utilization of more resources in order to successfully case management a worker’s injury case.  Our Occupational Injury Treatment Protocol Process deals with providing the injured worker with 1st class medical evaluations, diagnoses, treatment and rehabilitative services to meet the goal of getting the injured worker back to their occupations in the same or better quality of health.

Our staff works closely with case managers, insurers and attorneys in order to support your work injury claim so the injured work will only have to focus on getting better.

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